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Order Scheduling System

The order scheduling system is an application to keep track of the vehicles used to dispatch orders from the warehouse. This system keeps the ERP system posted with the details of the order delivered and the vehicles used to dispatch the order. This system maintains the list of vehicles used and their respective drivers. The data is maintained using a web based system and the data can be accessed from anywhere through a 24X7 Web hosted service.

Master data: This module keeps track of the master data for the vehicle and driver of vehicle.

Load Information: This module keep track of the load dispatch from the warehouse with the information like Order number, Order date, Unit of Measurement, Warehouse details, Transporter feedback, Vehicle number, Driver Name etc.

Actual Time of Arrival: This module keeps track of the dispatch details of the vehicle from the warehouse like dispatch date & time, Load Number, mail address, ship to address etc.

Warehouse: It keeps track of the all the details related to dispatch like dispatch number, dispatch date, load quantity, conversion rate, vehicle number, deriver details.

Environment: It is a web based solution with 24X7 Web hosting.

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