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People and freight movement are the lifelines of a connected global economy. Transportation overcomes distance, time, weather, topography, borders, regulations, tariffs and political factors. Today, transportation providers must build elastic capacity, develop and leverage efficient networks, factor global economic systems, adhere to environmental safety practices and focus on reducing costs.

Sharobi Technologies' Transportation and Travel Practice serves the world's leading providers across the following segments to ensure that our world stays connected:

♦ Airlines
♦ Logistics, Supply Chain and Freight
♦ Railroads
♦ Travel, Hospitality and Leisure

Sharobi Technologies brings value to our transportation and travel industry customers through:

♦ Generating top line revenue growth through enhanced customer experiences and revenue management.

♦ Increasing profitability through standardization of business processes and improved operational efficiencies.

In our dedicated Transportation and Travel practice we bring global experience and offer the following services and solutions:

Enhancing Customer Experience
Analytics & Business Insights
Ecommerce Capabilities
Social Media & Mobility
Enhancing Customer Experience
Marketing & Promotion Management
Infrastructure Management
Improving Operational Efficiency
Analytics & Information Management
Business Process Consulting &
Optimization Services
Build vs. Buy Advisory
Packaged Applications Consulting & Implementation
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